Doug Schaff

Doug Schaff is the president and founder of FX-Strategy, Inc. Schaff is a pioneer in building technical forex trading tools, including automated trading systems. He brings more than 25 years forex trading experience to FXS. He has held multi-million dollar spot positions in all the major currencies and was the first person to trade a 10-year forex option.

His trading background includes stints as senior bank trader for Bankers Trust New York and Paris, and Chief dealer at Merrill Lynch Bank, where he established the Bank's currency options trading desk. As head of FX-Strategy, Inc, Schaff has been a leader in developing cutting-edge forex trading tools, including the Schaff Trend Cycle & automated trading systems on Pro Charts. He and Terry Schaff are the co-authors of The Four Elements of Successful Currency Trading and Getting Ready to Trade FX (FX-Strategy, Inc.).